About Us

Las Aura was born from the minds of a few business professionals and creative people who were simply looking for some reprieve. A break... A change of focus... A shift in the energy...
It was late spring of 2020, the middle of the pandemic, when everyone was mandated to stay at home where their only entertainment was the rising death toll ticker, political division, and more racial unrest.

The desire of the group was to create a place of peace and positivity among them and within them to help battle the world around them. They focused their minds on health and wellness and encouraged others to spread love and positive energy to others. Phrases such as #NoDistractions became mantras that carried them through these times.

The name LAS is loosely translated from the Spanish language meaning “the” and is also a nod to their home city of Las Vegas, NV. AURA by definition means, “the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person.” As their positive vibes caught on, they decided to make “clothing that expressed their quintessential aura” and give others the opportunity to do the same. Starting with Phase 1, that provides stylish, comfortable luxury streetwear for the new work from home professional. With sayings like #CovidClothing and #CEO, the new dress code becomes the best part of our new normal.